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If your kidney donor is not a match
there is a SOLUTION!


If you are in kidney failure and need a transplant, you probably have at least one willing living donor who has stepped forward and offered a kidney so that you can return to a normal life, but your transplant center has turned down that donor because he or she is a different blood type (ABO incompatible) or you have antibodies against the donor’s tissue, (positive cross match). You have been told that your body would reject that kidney. These barriers no longer exist at Cedars-Sinai Comprehensive Transplant Center in Los Angeles.

Even though I had very high antibodies against my mother’s tissue, I was successfully transplanted at Cedars with my mother’s kidney in May of 2006.

They had told us at my transplant center in San Francisco that a transplant was impossible because there was an 87% chance I would reject her kidney. What they didn’t tell us was that since 2004 there has been a protocol in place to correct this problem.

We created this web site to give as many people as possible the information they need to save their own lives.
At Cedars-Sianai Dr. Stanley Jordan and his team pioneered the use of IVIG. The Cedars-Sinai Protocol is not experimental. After a multi-center National Institutes of Health funded study (2004) Medicare agreed to pay for the Protocol because it has an over 90-95% success rate in making any healthy donor a match to any patient no matter blood type or original tissue match.

Medicare agreed to pay for the therapy because Medicare is mandated by law to pay for dialysis and each patient who gets off dialysis and back to life saves Medicare hundreds of thousands of dollar.

As you may know, the life span on dialysis is on average 2-5 years. Time is the enemy for a person who needs a kidney transplant. The experience of being attached to the machine every day or every other day is sickening, debilitating and eventually deadly because of the toxins that build up in the liver, the damage the machine does to the heart and the vascular system, the formation of blood clots causing stroke or heart attack, and the infections and re-surgeries to the access point.

At Cedars-Sianai it takes on average 6 weeks to 3 months to evaluate you and your donor, administer the IVIG therapy and do the transplant.

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The Seven Lucky Stars Home page has videos that explain process of what happened to us and how you too can benefit from our experience. below are links to articles and stories that we will update from time to time but go to our home site to hear on video from us and the doctors that make this government approved secret of modern medicine available if you are lucky enough to find out about it.
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